Today, our family of mugs and prints have been adopted into homes all over the world and it is our hope that with every piece bought from our shop, you will gain a new friend.

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I am in love, worth every penny spent. There is something to be said about your favourite hot beverage out of your “special “ mug. I have used it every day and it always makes me smile . Thanks again x

Charlotte W

I love him! I tried multiple times to get a hold of one of these guys. I'm so excited to have him. He's wrapped up as a gift for my birthday from my small children and I can't wait!

Brittany T

Confetti came promptly (and I live on the other side of the world) with tracking and in very excellent, careful packaging so he didn't get broken.10/10 quality, and cuteness. Makes coffee taste better.

Liz K

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